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In the Town of Perth


A sustainable, connected and vibrant community addition to the historic town of Perth.

The Development Concept

Over the course of the last 15 years, the Western Annex Lands have been the subject of significant planning efforts by the Town of Perth to facilitate residential growth and improve housing supply. On December 21st 2009, the Town of Perth annexed the Perth Golf Course lands from adjacent Tay Valley Township to facilitate future residential development. The subject lands then became known as the Western Annex Lands and have been targeted as the main growth area for the Town.

The Town of Perth appealed the Lanark County May 2013 Official Plan as the Town felt the County had failed to adopt the Town’s vision as a high growth regional centre. The conclusion of the appeal process at the OMB designated a portion of the Western Annex Lands for residential development, with a target population of 8,085 by year 2038 for the Town of Perth.

The Town of Perth Official Plan was revised in 2014 to include the Western Annex Lands within the Town of Perth planning area and proposed corresponding policies to guide residential development of the lands. The revised Official Plan was supported by growth scenarios commissioned by the Town, demonstrating how the Town could grow to a population of 10,500 by 2041.

In 2016, the Town of Perth commissioned an Infrastructure Master Plan to evaluate road, water, sewage and stormwater management alternatives to service the entirety Western Annex Lands.

In 2017, the Town of Perth initiated a major upgrade to its sanitary lagoon system to accommodate a population of 8,100 people in anticipation of development applications for the subject lands. The upgrade was commissioned in late 2018. The Town carries a debt in excess of $5.33 million and requires growth to occur to pay down the debt now being serviced by existing taxpayers in Perth.

Official Plan Amendment No. 16 to the Town of Perth Official plan was also initiated in 2018 to bring the entire Western Annex Lands within the Town of Perth Urban Settlement Boundary, providing the community sufficient lands to accommodate the 2038 planned population of 8,085 and in order to maintain conformance with Provincial Policy.

Finally, the Infrastructure Master Plan – Western Annex in the Town of Perth, first initiated in 2016, was approved in November 2019 following adoption of Official Plan Amendment No. 16 in order to facilitate development of the Western Annex Lands.

Since 2009, the Western Annex Lands represent a concerted effort by the Town of Perth to provide for residential growth and housing supply within the Town. It was for this reason that Caivan had agreed to pursue development options for the site, in full coordination with Town Staff and Council.

Community Highlights

Community Design Integrates with Heritage Perth

Architectural styles being developed for the subject lands will take inspiration from heritage Perth and the design language of eastern Ontario. Materiality will be intentionally procured and woven into built form to allow for a diverse streetscape and sense of place, unique to the lands.

Protection and Enhancement of Existing Natural Features

Attention has been given to deep integration with the natural site context and adjacent natural features. This will facilitate a sustainable and connected community that maintains area biodiversity while balancing the need for growth.


The subject lands provide an opportunity to integrate a walkable and connected 15-minute neighborhood. The site will limit walking distances by harnessing a compact residential form and narrow Right of Way width to focus on pedestrians over vehicular movements. Parks, open space, retail and area amenities will all be walkable for new residents.

Integrated and Connected Open Space and Trail Network

Extensive investments are being made to enhance, restore and connect the new development area with its surrounding context. This will include the addition of several new large and connect park spaces.

Active Mobility

The establishment of a comprehensive trail and cycling network for the Perth development is key to creating a healthy and active community. The active mobility network will comprise sidewalks, pedestrian pathways, multi-use trails, and bike routes.

Letter to the Mayor

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Facts about the Development

August 10, 2023 Public Meeting.

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Supporting Documentation

Technical studies supporting the development.

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